Things to Do


The Poconos are another name for the Pocono Mountains. It’s in Pennsylvania but it’s nothing short of sublime. There are magnificent creeks, majestic woodlands, wonderful cascades, and beautiful vegetation in the surroundings. When you visit here, you become one with the environment. There are so many incredible things to do anyway, including strolling around a history site, having tea, biking on a route, and so on. The includes a list of activities you could be doing to make the most of your Pocono trip.

Near Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary

Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary

This place is frequented by many people as it is one of the most family-friendly attractions. If you are looking to go somewhere unique, hit this place. You would find butterflies of all varieties here and there are many guided tours available too, where they will teach you about the different butterflies. Your kids are sure to fall in love with this place. Kids also get to solve puzzles and check out the collection of frogs here. Many times, the visitors have even witnessed the butterflies hatching from their cocoons. It is a marvelous sight.

Kalahari Waterpark

If you are a water baby, you would thoroughly enjoy this place. You get a day’s pass if you are not a guest in this resort. You would find tons of thrilling water rides here that will make your time here fun. This truly offers an unforgettable experience where you can enjoy and feel what it is like to be a mermaid. There is also an indoor spa available and you can swim in large pools. There are also extreme water rides available that will take you through extreme waves.

Bushkill falls

Bushkill falls

If you do not have time to hit Niagara falls, you can visit this place. It has eight waterfalls, and the starting point of the waterfalls is at 100 feet. There are many fun activities available to do like paddle boarding, fishing, golfing, etc. You should consider taking up one whole day when you visit this place.

Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm

It is a historic farm that also doubles as an open-air museum. The span of this arm is on over 100 acres. You would love the quiet life here and get the feel of the 1700s. For a truly immersive experience, you can go with your family and friends to participate in different activities. You even get to wear period clothing and learn the different survival skills. There are also hands-on demonstrations of the olden times and you would find rabbits, horses, sheep, etc.


There is a lot to do for everyone that visits the Pocono mountains. Whatever kind of experience you are into, you would certainly find it here. Just head over to this place and you are sure to make the memories of a lifetime.