Pocono Mountains

Visit Pocono Mountains With Your Family and Friends to Create the Best Memories

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The Pocono Mountains are also referred to as the Poconos. It is situated in Pennsylvania and is nothing short of heavenly. There are gorgeous rivers, magnificent woods, divine cascades, and lush green surrounds. When you travel here, you actually are one with creation. There are so many fantastic things to do here, such as wandering through a heritage site, sipping wine, riding a bike path, and so on. Below is a list of the things you can really do to get the most out of your vacation to the Poconos.

The Crossings Premium Outlets

This one is a mall in this area and is home to the best shopping areas. If you are looking for a place to shop here, this is the place for you. You would find many options from retail to luxury brands here. Also, there are plenty of food options if you are looking for savory or sweet. This place is always bustling with shoppers and you would find so many amazing brands here.

Seven Tubs Nature Area

Seven Tubs Nature Area

This reserve spans nearly seven thousand acres. You would find the best hiking trails here and the potholes are filled up with the glacial water here. The colorful wildflowers are beautiful. You and your buddies would appreciate all the sightseeing and animal spotting here. The hike is wonderfully scenic and you would even find some lovely streams flowing .There are many photos that you can take and stun your friends in your hometown.

Camelback Mountain Adventures

You would find many ziplines, roller coasters, and treetops in this area. Enjoy a fun day out with your friends and family. There are so many amenities that you may find here like amazing restaurants to dine at, souvenir shops, beautiful grand parking, etc. There are many adventure trip options too here. You would never run out of activities to do upon spending the day here.

Old Jail Museum

Old Jail Museum

This, too, is an ancient building from the 1800s which has a dungeon, numerous gallows, and cell blocks like the old times. You would get to tour this piece of history and the guide would give you in-depth information about all the occurrences here. You would also get to know about the inmates here. There are also some amazing stories of ghost sightings that make this area truly exciting. Apparently, some have spotted ghosts of the prisoners here and that is why this place has garnered its spooky reputation.


Pocono mountains would really surprise you with all that it has to offer. The experience is truly phenomenal and you get the best experience for the money that you put in. Also, there are many experiences for free, and you do not always have to shell out a lot of money to make things fun.

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