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Fun Things that You Can Do at Pocono Mountains

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There are many scenic drives at Pocono that you can visit throughout the year. In your car or your motorcycle, you would love the fresh air here. The beautiful and smooth roads can enliven the heart of any outdoor enthusiast. If you love art, you would find something for that as well. Below are the different activities that you can partake in to have a memorable trip. Even if you just want a place to relax, you would find plenty of options.

The Summit of Big Pocono State Park

If you love mountain peaks and hikes, you should head over to this place without missing it. You can a bird’s eye view of all of Pennsylvania here. Especially on good weather days, you even get to see New York and New Jersey. It is truly a beautiful walk up this hill. Walk with your friends and you would feel no time passing by.

Delaware Water Gap

Delaware Water Gap

It is one of the oldest commercial routes in America. During the 1600s, traders and merchants used to use this route to buy crops from the farmers. It supplied this part of the world with food resources through the efforts of the farmers. There are many spots near this area that have been left unchanged and you get to see the history here. The serenity of this place is out of this world.

The Roebling Bridge

This is one-lane bridge that has historic roots to it. It connected New York and Lackawaxen. You may take a walk on this or drive through this to appreciate the beauty of the Delaware River. This one is an old wire suspension bridge. One fact to consider is that only one car is allowed to go over this bridge at one time. But as a pedestrian, there are no hindrances and you can enjoy the views of this place. The most interesting aspect of this place is that you see some beautiful eagles here as well.

Milford town

Pocono mountains’ specialty lies in their old-school nature. You get to walk through the history and swim in its natural beauty, which is unlike anywhere else. Around this town, you would find many waterfalls and creeks that can enliven the heart of anyone. The clean air of this area can truly recharge your mind and fix your soul. This town was formed in the 1800s and the privileged class then used to head over to this place for business or vacation.


Pocono mountains offer some quaint beauties that can excite anyone. You would also find beautiful galleries, and stories and become one with history through their historic buildings. One cannot get enough of Pocono in one trip and many people plan for it at least thrice. We recommend you to try these places to fall in love with the magic of nature.

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